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This is my avatar I made this because it looks like me and it has my favorite chomper from a move called the karate kid and I love wearing wight panes and wight t-shirt and shoos and I loved having long hear because I love scaring my sisters by putting my hear on front of my face so I can look like a scare ghost and I pant my shirt into red pant so it looks like blood they push me when I pop out.

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  1. Hi Sofi,

    First, let me introduce myself. I’m a Portuguese teacher of English as a Foreign language  you’re a student, I’m a teacher; you’re na English native speaker, while for us, English is a Foreign Language and…we live on opposite sides of the world! Have you thought about it???
    Well, as for your avatar, it’s really cool. With my students, I’ve used a tool called Voki. What tool did you use to create your good-looking avatar? Now, Sofi,, maybe you should have a look at your text more carefully before hitting “publishing” as it may be read by many different people and it’s not cool to have mistakes, is it?
    Hope you reply to my comment so that I can also have some feedback. I’m house-bound now due to this coronavírus outbreak and I’d love to keep on blogging with you guys 
    Best wishes for you and your blog.
    Teacher Alex

  2. Hi Sofi —

    My name is Ms. Teri and I am a volunteer commenter for this student blogging challenge: Teri — #stubc commenter.

    I live in Hamilton, Ohio — USA. I have a dog named Holley and she is a black German Shepherd. I also have 5 cats, who aren’t very fond of Holley.

    I admit — I know nothing about blogging or avatars. I think you are very lucky to have this opportunity in your school! I look forward to following your blog during this challenge and learning from you.
    Take care and stay well.

  3. hi Sofi, my name is Winnie, I am 11 and am also participating in the blogging challenge. I live in New Zealand too! whereabouts do you live? I live in Oamaru. this is an awesome blog!! I love the avatar! hope you are well!
    yours sincerely

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