about my weekend

On the weekend I played on my ps4 and I stayed up and I went to sleep on 1am and I went to my friends house we got so many lolly than we watched a scare movie than played hide and seek and I went back home and played fortnite  and I invited my friend to my fortnite lobby and we got so many kills and won a victory so we invited anther friend to join so we played until it was night time for us than on the next day we got MacDonald and I just watched some YouTube than I had some ice cream and me and my sister went out side and played for a wile than we went back in side and I went back on my PlayStation and went back on fortnite and see if my friend was on line but he was not on line yet so I played myself  than when I went back to lobby than I see him in my lobby than I was so happy so we played and we got anther victory and I went to sleep for school.

My avatar

This is my avatar I made this because it looks like me and it has my favorite chomper from a move called the karate kid and I love wearing wight panes and wight t-shirt and shoos and I loved having long hear because I love scaring my sisters by putting my hear on front of my face so I can look like a scare ghost and I pant my shirt into red pant so it looks like blood they push me when I pop out.

100 word challenge

once upon a time there was a man that was called Mr Bean he had 10 tigers and there was a sign that said not aloud to go inside  but he did not care so he went in and there was so many lions inside so all  the lions was walking up to them so the tigers and the lion had a fight and he ran up to get a knife and kill some of the lions and after they killed the lions they ran up to the hill and there was other signs that said lava will rise on you.

my weekend

On the weekend I went to bingo and I got lots of lolly from bingo after that I went to my friends house and me and my friend went to the shop and got new video games and we started playing them and we went back home we eat pizza and lava cake it was so yam it had so mach chocolate inside it and full of chocolate and it was so warm  and on the next day I went to to my coziness house and played some fun games after we played some games we started to go outside and we went on his bike and we listen to loud music.

100 word challenge

There was this man who jumped off a big tree and landed on the giraffe. He was riding it down the big hill, he fell off the giraffe, it was painful. He went back home and sat on a dusty chair. His house was so dusty and he sang to himself. He was lonely ,all he had was a teddy bear  it was pink like the outside of his house. He went to the zoo and he snuck into the cage full of giraffes, he tired to kill one but he got caught by a cop, he’s now arrested.

Where I’m from – inspired by George Ella Lyon

Where I’m from


I’m from Tonga,  the hot Island that

Has trees full of coconuts.

Going to the beach with golden sand

That is hot like the stove cooking

Hot soup.

I’m from jumping off the hill into the

Sea – now it is cold. I’m from the rain

Like tears coming down from my

Little brother Bing who is sad because

His stomach is rumbling.

I am from  an earthquake

Splitting the world apart from island to island.

Shaking like water inside the


I am from travelling to Hawaii.

By Sofi   

Hi there wold

Hi there,

I came from Tonga ,I came to New Zealand when I  was 7 years old and my name is Sofi I have two sisters  Losaline and  Uinise and I have two brothers I am 10 I’m

11 on October the 4 I have no pets 

my thing to do at school is plying basketball .