To trap a thief book review.

This book is about a boy named Connor  and he lost his father at a plane crash and he only has a mother, he loved collecting fossils and he had lots of mission’s that he had to do and he was framed by a guy named frank,Frank is a bad guy, he was in prison. I have enjoyed this book because it was really interesting and is was really cool to read. my favorite character is connor because he was in lots of mission and he was like a hero saving others.I think the year 4 and 5 and 6 will like to read this book.   

Review of term 1

Term 1 was a really fast term.Term 1 was a awesome term great things happened in term 1 like we made some lizard art and we did some panting and a silhouette art and what is in our mind art or what ever that art is called ,we were reading the giver and after reading the giver we watched a movie called the giver ,I know same thing as the book but it was really fun to watch,we got a new board and I know what you guys are thinking about what is the board so special about this board,the board  was so clean and we had enough room to fit thing like the wellbeing tree that tells our feelings and other kind of stuff but me I am so sleepy all the time ,this term was really fun.


I have learned

that people will forget

what you said,

people will forget

what you did,but

people will never

forget how you

made them feel.

Growth mindset

Growth mindset is so important to me because when something is so hard I try to solve it.growth mind set is like a healthy mind.A growth mindset on the other hand, thrives on challenge and sees failure not as evidence of unintelligent but as a heartening springboard for .is the belief that intelligence improves through study and practice.children  with a growth mindset tend to see challenges as opportunities to grow because they understand that they can improve their abilities by pushing themselves. If something is hard, they understand it will push them to get better.


Donald Bump was riding his bike around. The sun was so bright he went into the forest full of birds to get away from the sun. There was a strange tree that looked like a man  but Donald didn’t care and leaned his bike against the tree so he could take a rest. It was hot and he was sweating hard. He looked around and saw some interesting birds which he followed.  It was almost dark so he went to get his bike  but  the bike was stuck on to the tree. The manlike tree wouldn’t let his bike go.

That was summer

Remember that time 

When you were almost drowned in the pool and lucky your friend saved you and got you up and then you jumped back in and got your goggles

and then you went to the hot tube?

That was summer


Remember that time 

When you got a new playstation 4 from town

and your dad tried to trick you from getting the PS4

and you started to punch the car but you got told that he was just joking around and you were laughing at dad?

That was summer


Remember that time 

When there was a party at Aunties house and all of your cousins were outside playing soccer and your parents were inside having a great time just drinking some coffee?

That was summer


Remember that time 

When you went to the Oamaru garden 

and you had fish and chips and after that you had to chase your brother for taking your phone and your drink?

That was summer


Remember that time

When you had to stay home because dad had to work

on the farm and it was 

boring for you but not for your sister and brother?

That was summer.


By Sofi

I didn’t mean to kill her

I didn’t mean to kill her.I went to the toilet and I had a sore tummy so I sat on the toilet for a long time.  I heard my mum yelling for me to come and put out the trash so I got up and pulled my pants up and went downstairs to put the trash out. I saw my mum’s visitor, whose name was  Karen, going to the toilet and I had forgotten to flush it.


So when Karen went in, she locked the door and I didn’t know what to do. She was in the toilet for so long I was really worried, so I told dad to break the door open.  He got a TV and he threw the TV at the door and just at that moment Karen opened the door so the TV hit her in the face and she went flying backwards to the window and she fell out of the window.


She looked dead, so I told my dad to bring her back in to flush her down the toilet.  We got her into the house and we tried to get her up stairs but she was really heavy so I called  the strongest guy in  the world to come and help us bring her up the stairs. He came from China all the way to the USA. When he got there  he tried to drag her up the stairs but  he could not because she weighed 9999 kg.


So we all pulled her up the stairs and when we made it to the toilet me and my dad tried to put her inside the toilet and flush her down. But ,we could not carry her inside the toilet so we tried to get a tractor inside the house but it wouldn’t fit so I started working out and 49  years passed and she woke up inside our toilet. She had been in a coma. She got her phone and typed in a phone number. I thought she was calling the cops on me and my dad so I lifted her up and put her face into the toilet water.But when I lifted  her back out but she was not dead, so I punched her in the face and she fell down.I wanted her dead before she tells someone so I took a really long poop and it looked like I had diarrhoea. After I had pooped she woke up and tried to run away but she could not run any faster because her back was broken.So I pulled her by the ear and put her face into the toilet that is full of poop and then she died. My house smelled so bad.


I love Christmas because I get lots of presents and there is fun stuff to do and I am getting a ps4 and a tv and two controllers and some games.We are going to the swimming on Christmas and my cousins are coming over with they’er parents me and my cousins are maybe going to stay in the room playing video games it is going to be the beast Christmas ever.What are you going to do on Christmas?

He felt really ill

Juiceworld was in a private jet, he was going to China with his friends. He was being  followed by another private jet so he told the driver to turn around and go back to the USA but the other jet still followed them.  Juiceworld took out a bag full of drugs and he started to put some in his mouth.He swallowed and immediately he felt really ill and passed away. His friends were shocked. They tried CPR but none of them knew how to do it, so in panic, they threw him out of the jet into the sea.